DESMI Heavy Duty Pumps HD Series

DESMI Heavy Duty Pumps HD Series

Heavy Duty Pump - HD pumps are known by their sturdy and simple construction. Available with 90° angular configuration. Production stops are the most costly activity in the industry. That is why companies all over the world rely on high-quality pumps like DESMI ROTAN®.
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Pumping of: Oil, Asphalt , Chocolate, Paint/Lacquer, Molasses. Soap. Additives, Polyol, Viscose, Sulphate Soap, Maltose, Grease, Pitch, Base Oil, Bitumen, Polyester

Key features and benefits

• Flexible sealing options

• “True” back pull-out design

• Opposing inlet and outlet connections with oversized ports

• Shaft supported by two ball bearings in single sealed configuration • Self-priming with large suction capabilities

• Low NPSH requirements

• Self-draining, integral safety relief valve

• No speed reduction is required in six smaller sizes

• Complete heating/cooling jacketing available

Capacity RangeUp to 250 m3/h / 1100 gpm
SpeedUp to 1750 rpm
Differential PressureUp to 16 bar / 232 psi
Suction LiftUp to 0,5 bar / 7.25 psi vacuum while priming / Up to 0,8 bar / 11.6 psi vacuum while pumping
Viscosity RangeUp to 250,000 cSt
TemperatureUp to 250°C / 482°F