KSB Itur Helical Gear Pumps RC Series

KSB Itur Helical Gear Pumps RC Series

A Helical Gear Pump is a type of External Gear Pump used for the transfer of viscous fluids at low speed. Two sets of interlocking gears are offset within the pump head, with 2 gears located at the front of the pump head, and 2 to the rear to ensure the rotary forces remain balanced.
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RC Series - Helical gear pumps (Volumetric rotary) apply for:

  • Marine industry: motor lubrication, fuel feed, fuel and lub-oil transfer.
  • Oil: mineral and vegetables oils, oil derivates, greases and additives…
  • Petrochemical industry: asphalt, liquid polymers, solvents, emulsions, adhesives, fuel oil, diesel oil…
  • Chemical industry: liquid soap paste, soya oil, glycerine …
  • Paint and lacquer industry: binders, colouring matter, solvents, textile dyes…

Technical data

  • Sizes: DN 20 to 100
  • Flow: Up to 78 m3/h (50 Hz)
  • Up to 94 m3/h (60 Hz)
  • Maximum pressure: 10 bar
  • Fluid viscosity: 10 - 1.000 cSt
  • Speed: Up to 1500 rpm (50 Hz)
  • Up to 1800 rpm (60 Hz)
  • Maximum fluid temperature: +80ºC


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